Caring for your Scarf

As with Nature, silk is strong yet delicate & best handled with respect.

Your scarf has been designed and manufactured for personal wear only as a scarf (and in various other styles described on our website) and other uses are not recommended.

Made from 100% silk. A quick hand wash in tepid water using quality wool wash or pure baby shampoo is recommended. Machine wash NOT recommended. Roll in a towel and squeeze to remove excess water and dry flat away from direct sunlight. If required, apply a cool iron on ‘silk’ setting but first, place a cotton fabric between iron and scarf. Can be dry or spot cleaned.

Please Note: Any ‘splotches’ or similar effects on the image printed onto the silk are part of the original ink on rice paper artist’s design from which the image on the scarf is derived and printed, and are not a flaw or defect in the product.


Silk material and printing agent sourced through Potter Textile Perth.

WILD SILK gift boxes are custom made by Percival Packaging Perth from clay polished material sourced from sustainable forests in line with industry standards. Each box is assembled and personally signed by the artist.

Models: Ginette Hillman, Ros de Souza, Ian de Souza.

Photography: Simon Cowling at Temple Dog, Bob Sommerville, Liesbeth Goedhart.

Botanical Information Source: Australian Native Plant Society, Florabase, BGPA.

WILD SILK refers to Ian de Souza’s shawl scarf collection, not the course silk produced by wild silk caterpillars.